Introduction to Q Farm

A new addition to the Quinta do Lago resort is the Q Farm. A great concept in growing their own produce to be used in the restaurants in the resort. The farm is located next to the driving range, Koko, also opposite Quinta do Lago’s Golf Club and the South Course, making it very conveniently located for the resort’s chefs to access. This farm-to-table concept allows the resort to have complete control over the freshness and quality of ingredients used in their restaurants.

The Q Farm spans over 5 acres of land and has several greenhouses and open fields for growing a wide variety of produce. The resort invested significantly in the infrastructure, equipment, and staffing required to make the farm fully operational and productive. This allows them to supply many of the herbs, vegetables, and fruits used across the resort’s restaurants and venues.

Introduction to Q Farm

Fresh and Organic Produce

The farm is producing aromatic herbs and vegetables, all fresh and organic for use in the restaurants in Quinta do Lago. The rich soil, ample sunlight, and ideal growing conditions in the Algarve allow the farm to yield very high-quality produce. All crops are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers to keep them organic. The chefs have commented on how much more flavorful the fruits, herbs, and vegetables are compared to what they sourced from third-party suppliers in the past.

Daily, the chefs can request specific ingredients from the farm that they can use in the signature dishes, daily specials, and their everyday menu. This means the menus can be adapted based on what is harvested each morning from the farm. The chefs now have much more flexibility and control in what goes into their culinary creations. For instance, if a certain herb like basil is at its peak ripeness, the chefs can request abundant supplies to make pestos, infused oils, and more to take advantage of the optimal freshness and flavor.

From Seed to Plate

A new level of freshness… seeded in the greenhouse, grown at the farm, harvested each morning… reaching your plate by lunch time. The incredibly short time from harvest to table is almost unheard of in most restaurants globally. But with the on-site farm at Quinta do Lago, herbs can be clipped, veggies can be picked, and fruits harvested in the morning and be part of restaurant guests’ meals just hours later.

The farm features over 50 varieties of organic vegetables, herbs and fruit. Produce such as strawberries, beetroot, leeks and parsley to name a few. The agronomists and growers at Q Farm carefully select crops that are well-suited to the Algarve climate and have high productivity in the growing conditions available. There is also a focus on heritage and heirloom varieties that offer exceptional flavors and textures once harvested.

Impressive First Year Results

In the first year of the farm (2022) they produced more than 4785 kilos of organic produce for the restaurants and venues in the resort. This volume of production shows that the farm is already making a meaningful contribution to the resort’s food supply only 12 months after opening. With future expansion plans to grow the number of crops and growing area, the productivity is expected to increase year-over-year.

Producing produce for the restaurants mean that the chefs can tailor make their dishes based on the freshest offerings of the day. The chefs are continuously inspired by what the farm is yielding and often brainstorm new menu creations based on what produce is abundant. This allows them to design dishes that capture flavors at their peak. The farm-to-table concept makes the resort’s food truly seasonal, local, and fresh in ways that most restaurants simply cannot match.

Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices

Not only producing fresh goods for the venues, they are also supporting sustainable and farming practices by reducing transportation that can impact the environment. By having produce grown steps away from the restaurants that will use them, emissions from long-distance food transport are drastically reduced. Water usage is also diminished compared to traditional agriculture through technology investments like drip irrigation. And by growing organically without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, Q Farm protects local waterways, soil health, and biodiversity.

The farm also actively enriches the soil through crop rotation, interplanting to prevent pests, and composting all waste plant materials to feed back nutrients. These regenerative techniques ensure the land remains productive for many generations. The Q Farm staff share knowledge on sustainable growing practices with schools, community groups, and other regional farmers to raise awareness around agriculture’s role in environmental stewardship.

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