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Faro in the Algarve is known as the capital since 1756 and is the home of Faro airport. The city itself is rich in culture and has lots of history and charm. All in all the town makes for an enjoyable day trip during your holiday.


Offering history and culture, Faro has a varied selection of shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s also a popular spot for nightlife, with trendy bars and live music.

Faro in the Algarve

The historic quarter (old town) is home to a Gothic cathedral, the Paco Episcopal, and the Arco da Vila Gateway. This baroque gateway was constructed over an original Arabic gateway and leads to the old town. The towers of the Arco da Vila are a popular nesting place for Faro’s storks.

The old town’s winding, cobbled pedestrian streets, squares, and buildings were reconstructed in a melange of styles following successive batterings – first by marauding British and then by two big earthquakes – and are home to museums, churches, a bone chapel and al fresco cafes.

Faro’s history is compelling, and the Romans’ legacy is tangible. The greatest historical monuments date from the 16th and 17th centuries, and they are clustered together in the walls of the Old Town.  

Arco da Vila Gateway Faro Algarve Portugal
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Faro Island and the Ria Formosa Algarve Portugal
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Ria Formosa

On Faro’s doorstep are the lagoons of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa and nearby beaches, including the islands of Ilha de Faro to the southwest and Ilha da Barreta (aka Ilha Deserta) to the south.

The natural park of Ria Formosa is among Europe’s most important natural habitats, which attracts a dazzling array of sea birds and other wildlife.

Following 37 miles (60 km) of coastline from Praia de Faro to Cacela Velha, the park encloses 18,000 hectares of lagoons, marshland, salt pans, islets, and channels. These, in turn, are sheltered from the open sea by a chain of barrier islands – in effect, huge wind-sculpted dunes. This valuable and fragile ecosystem is protected and constitutes one of the most important wetland habitats in Europe.

The Cathedral and the Museum

Built on the site of an Arab mosque, Faro Cathedral was consecrated in the late 13th century. A mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque features gives a building’s exterior a rather haphazard look. From the terrace of the medieval bell tower, you can soak up a beautiful view of Ria Formosa and the Old Town red roofs and almost touch the beady-eyed seagulls that glide effortlessly overhead.

It is the former Nossa Senhora da Assuncao convent, with a beautiful Renaissance cloister. The museum has a permanent collection of Moorish, Roman, and medieval artifacts. In the Summer, the monastery converts into a small artisanal market with an authentic Portuguese vibe. If you are lucky enough, you may briefly get acquainted with Fadu, a Portuguese music treasure. Just 45 minutes of traditional Portuguese singing accompanied by guitar will touch every soul.

Cathedral Faro Algarve
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Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve In Faro
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Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve

This spot is located close to the Marina of Faro. If you are traveling with kids, they will absolutely love this place! All the interactive activities are aimed at promoting technological and scientific awareness in a fun-filled way.


Kids are engaged in many games and experiments like getting to grips with the earthquake simulator and climbing into an observatory for a voyage around the universe, discovering the magic of electricity, “unraveling” DNA, cooking with solar energy, or following the paths of light.


  • Where is Faro in Portugal? Faro is in The Algarve, Southern Portugal.
  • What is Faro like? Faro in the Algarve is the main town in the Algarve, full of charm and history.
  • Does Faro have a Marina? Yes
  • What is there to see / do in Faro? There is lots to do here for all the family. Visit the beach at Faro Island, the museum, the cathedral, and the nature reserve to name a few.
  • How far is Faro from Vale do Lobo? Approx. 30 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.
  • How far is Faro from Quinta do Lago? Approx. 30 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.
  • Which airport is closest to Faro? Faro Airport
  • Is Faro near Albufeira? Approx. 40 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.
  • How far is Faro from Vilamoura? 35 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.
  • How far is Faro from Lisbon? Approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.

Restaurant Recommendations – There are also some fabulous restaurants here too including The Faro Hotel, Se7e Pedras, Pigs and Cows, and L’Osteria.

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