Estoi in the Algarve is a charming traditional Portuguese town located approx. 11 km from Faro airport.

The Village

The village is typical of Portugal with cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and also terracotta roofs. Being just a few kilometers inland makes it very different from the coastal towns, giving a much more relaxed and also calm ambiance. Most visit Estoi for its two major attractions; the Palácio do Visconde de Estoi and also the Roman Villa of Milreu.

Estoi Centre in the Algarve

Palacio do Visconde

The Palácio do Visconde de Estoi is located a short walk from the village’s main square. This recently renovated 19th-century palace, (with a fine pink Rococo façade) is now an upmarket pousada (a chain of luxury, traditional, or historical hotels). Previously it had been left to fall into disrepair and near ruin. The palace gardens are where visitors tend to spend a lot of time enjoying a stroll around the mature palm trees and also the fountains. All in all a popular place of interest for visitors of Estoi in the Algarve.

Estoi Palace in the Algarve

Roman Ruins

Around a 15-minute walk away are the ruins of the ancient Roman complex of Milreu. This site is centered on the well-preserved ruins of a Roman villa that dates back to the 2nd century AD. 

There is a large temple and several mosaics that were also once part of a bathhouse.

Also a popular place of interest for visitors of Estoi in the Algarve 

Estoi-Algarve ancient ruins

As well as the above places to visit you can also relax and watch life go by sitting outside one of the town’s cafes. Whilst you are here it is also worth having a look at Estoi’s main church, the Igreja Matriz. Inside this neoclassical-styled church is an altar that is reputed to have been constructed from wood recovered from boats.


Estoi is located in The Algarve, Southern Portugal.

Estoi is a quiet and tranquil location with lots of history. Visit the Roman Ruins, Estoi Palace and the Church (Igreja Matriz de Estoi.

Approx. 30 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.

Approx. 2 hours and 35 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.

Faro Airport

Approx. a 55 minutes’ drive from the airport. Click HERE to see the map.

Approx. 25 minutes. Click HERE to see the map.

There are also some fabulous restaurants here too including O Visconde (Palacio de Estoi), and Convivio dos Cavaleiros.

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