The Algarve region of southern Portugal offers a diverse range of stunning locations for your holiday. From resort towns to coastal villages, there’s something for every type of traveller. At Algarve Villa Selection, we offer a handpicked selection of luxury apartments and villa rentals in The Algarve.

Here are some of the best places to stay in the Algarve:

Where Are The Best Places To Stay In The Algarve

Albufeira – Best for Nightlife and Beaches

Why stay in Albufeira?

  • Lively nightlife scene, especially along “The Strip”
  • Beautiful beaches like Praia dos Pescadores
  • Old Town charm with cobblestone streets and traditional architecture
  • Family-friendly attractions and activities
Albufeira - Best for Nightlife and Beaches

Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s most popular resort towns, offering a mix of beautiful beaches, buzzing nightlife, and old world charm. The Old Town features narrow cobbled streets and traditional whitewashed buildings, while the modern marina area and “The Strip” provide plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants

With over 20 beaches, water parks, and family attractions, Albufeira is ideal for those seeking a lively beach holiday.

We offer luxury villa rentals in Albufeira, so why not have a gander?

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Vilamoura – Best for Luxury and Golf

What makes Vilamoura a top choice?

  • Upscale resorts and luxury accommodation
  • World-class golf courses
  • Large marina with restaurants and nightlife
  • Sandy beaches and water sports
Where Are The Best Places To Stay In The Algarve 2

Vilamoura is an exclusive resort town centred around its large marina. It’s known for luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and some of the best golf courses in Portugal. The long sandy beaches offer water sports, while the marina provides a sophisticated nightlife scene. 

For those seeking an upscale holiday with golf, beaches and fine dining, Vilamoura is hard to beat. Why not view our villa rentals in Villamoura?

Lagos – Best for History and Natural Beauty

Why choose Lagos for your Algarve stay?

  • Stunning coastline with dramatic cliffs and rock formations
  • Historic old town with 16th century walls
  • Beautiful beaches like Praia Dona Ana
  • Laid-back atmosphere with authentic Portuguese charm
Lagos - Best for History and Natural Beauty

Lagos offers a perfect blend of history, natural beauty and beaches. The old town is encircled by 16th century walls and filled with cobbled lanes and traditional buildings. The coastline features some of the Algarve’s most dramatic scenery, with towering cliffs and hidden coves. 

Beaches like Praia Dona Ana regularly make lists of Europe’s best beaches. Our villa rentals in Lagos provide a more authentic Portuguese experience compared to larger resorts.

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Tavira – Best for Culture and Tranquility

What makes Tavira special?

  • Picturesque historic town with Roman bridge
  • Quiet beaches on Ilha de Tavira
  • Authentic Portuguese atmosphere
  • Ria Formosa Natural Park nearby
Tavira - Best for Culture and Tranquility

Located in the eastern Algarve, Tavira is one of the region’s most charming and unspoiled towns. Its historic centre features beautiful churches, a Roman bridge, and traditional architecture. The nearby Ilha de Tavira offers quiet, uncrowded beaches accessible by boat. 

With its relaxed pace and authentic atmosphere, Tavira is perfect for those seeking culture and tranquillity away from major tourist resorts.

Carvoeiro – Best for Families and Relaxation

Why is Carvoeiro ideal for families?

  • Small, peaceful resort town
  • Beautiful cove beach
  • Family-friendly hotels and villas
  • Scenic cliff top walks
Where Are The Best Places To Stay In The Algarve 5

Carvoeiro is a picturesque former fishing village that has developed into a laid-back family resort. The town is built around a sheltered cove beach, ideal for children. There are plenty of family-friendly restaurants, low-key bars, and accommodation options ranging from hotels to private villas. 

The surrounding area offers scenic cliff top walks with stunning coastal views. For a relaxing family beach holiday, Carvoeiro is an excellent choice.

Quinta do Lago – Best for Luxury Villas and Golf

What makes Quinta do Lago stand out?

  • Exclusive gated resort community
  • World-class golf courses; especially the North Golf Course and South Golf Course
  • Luxury villas and high-end hotels
  • Beautiful beach and nature reserve
Quinta do Lago - Best for Luxury Villas and Golf

Quinta do Lago is one of the Algarve’s most exclusive resort areas, known for luxury villas, golf, and natural beauty. The resort features several championship golf courses, high-end restaurants, and some of the region’s most luxurious accommodation.

It borders the Ria Formosa Natural Park and has a beautiful beach accessed via a wooden walkway. For a luxury golf and beach holiday, our villa rentals in Quinta do Lago are unmatched.

Where Should You Stay in the Algarve?

The best place to stay in the Algarve depends on your preferences. However, no matter where you choose to stay, the Algarve offers beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and plenty of Portuguese charm. 

Our local expertise can help you find the ideal accommodation in the perfect location for your dream Portuguese getaway. Contact us today to start planning your Algarve escape. 

Contact us today and have a little sunshine to look forward to.

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